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ADL200 Antennas
Some details on the antennas supplied with the ADL200
I received many questions on the ADL200 antennas. Therefore I created this short blog post with some more details. The ADL200 works with 5 antennas:

1 Iridium / GPS antenna

This is a combined antenna for Iridium and GPS reception. Any Iridium antenna will work but we supply the following patch antenna. Most customers use this antenna inside the cockpit but if you are equipped an external Iridium antenna would obviously be the optimal solution.

2 ADS-B antenna

The ADS-B traffic data is received by an ADS-B / transponder antenna. The signal is very sensitive to metallic shielding. So any location inside the cabin will have some shadowed areas. This is especially true the further the other aircraft is away. Again an external transponder antenna would be best but it is expensive. Personally I got good results with an antenna position in front of the cockpit. This limits the rear reception but after all the other aircraft approach much faster from the front. The ADL200 is supplied with the following antenna.

3 LTE/4G antenna

You already knew it, an external antenna would again be best. But LTE is all about saving on satellite charges so any costly external antennas make no sense. We supply the following antenna with the ADL200. It is the same part currently used for ADS-B. An antenna position on the side of the aircraft on any of the windows is usually best.

4 WiFi antenna (integrated)

The WiFi antenna is integrated into all the ADL devices. Therefore no external antenna has to be connected. So far with the dimensions of GA aircraft we did not experience any problems due to the range of the WiFi.

5 Secondary LTE/4G antenna (integrated)

The ADL200 comes with a second LTE antenna which is also integrated in the device. It will provide less performance than the separate LTE antenna but might be sufficient in some cases. The device will switch automatically between the two LTE antennas.

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