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GDL90 Interface ForeFlight
Firmware 8.09 allows all ADL140, ADL150 and ADL200 to send weather data to ForeFlight
and other apps compatible with the GDL90 standard.
After upgrading your ADL140, ADL150 or ADL200 to firmware 8.09 or later it will broadcast so called GDL90 formated weather data on the local WiFi. ForeFlight is able to receive this data and will display the following information from the ADL device: Aircraft GPS position, radar, traffic (ADL200 only), attitude (ADL200 only)

The control of the ADL download is still done using the ADLConnect app while ForeFlight will only display the data. Also the full weather portfolio including winds, infrared, strikes etc. is only available in the ADLConnect app.
After you did download any weather data on your ADL device open ForeFlight. Contrary to SkyDemon no configuration is required. ForeFlight will detect the device automatically and simply start receiving data. To see the radar data you might have to activate the "Radar (composite)" and the "Traffic" layers in the menu on the left top corner of the screen (screenshot shown below).

The following screenshot shows ForeFlight displaying ADL200 data. Please note that ForeFlight will also display the device type in the left top corner of the moving map for confirmation.

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