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Infrared Satellite Images
A real life comparison between satellite infrared data and
what it actually looks like from the cockpit.

Recently I had the chance to test the ADL infrared feature in flight. We did fly south from LOWL - Linz to LJPZ - Portoroz at FL230 over the Alps. Most of the flight was done in IMC but we did expect to break out of the clouds and land at Porotroz in bright sunshine. Using the infrared feature we could see exactly where the clouds would be come lower and finally disappear.

The first two pictures where taken over the Alps still in high reaching IMC at FL230

Then we approached the border of this weather zone and as predicted by the infrared image we broken out of the clouds into the sunshine with our destination Portoroz in sight right ahead:

This was a nice example how infrared satellite images can be used to anticipate cloud tops and coverage.

Fly safe!

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