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Weather encouter at MAREM
Many pilots ask how the different weather avoidance technologies compare.
So we compiled the images below which show the same weather system using
WX500 lightning detector, RDR2000 on board radar and
ADL110B data link combined with the ADLConnect iPad app
1) First indication of weather
After takeoff in the climb using the ADL110B data link we became aware there was something ahead. At that time the data link was the only indication. On board radar and WX500 did not deliver useful information yet.
ADL110B displaying on the iPad

2) Indications 40NM from the first cell
As the wind was coming from the west we decided to deviate to the right.

ADL110B displaying on the iPad

RDR2000 displaying in the Avidyne EX500. The long radar echo on the left side is caused by the propeller

WX500 displaying on the Avidyne EX500 together with on board radar. Again propeller echo should be disregarded

3) Indications 25NM from the first cell
Now we are close enough to get a good view of the cell

Picture of the first cell

Data link weather this time on the ADL110B screen

On board radar showing both cells

4) Passing the weather
At this point the on board radar was no longer able to track the cells as it will scan only 45 degrees to each side.
WX500 displaying on the Garmin GNS530

ADL110B displaying on the iPad

Picture out of the left window

5) Summary
The data link made us aware of the problem ahead well before the other equipment showed any indications. We requested an avoid heading about 50NM north of the weather shortening the overall route compared to a later and more aggressive avoidance.

On board radar
The radar works well within a range of about 50NM. For longer ranges and to the sides the view is limited. Compared to the data link radar the system delivers real time data which is valuable if getting closer to the cells than we dared.

WX500 lightning detector
The lightning detector showed that there was something ahead. But at no point the exact location or structure of the two cells was clearly depicted. So compared to the other systems the lightning detector is clearly behind.

ADL110B data link weather
The system showed the weather system well in advance. Data link radar and data link strike information matched well. The cells moved slowly so the delay of data link weather did not play a role. When flying within the coverage area we think data link is the most powerful weather avoidance option available today.

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