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ADL Accessories
Available accessories for the ADL devices

ADLUSB - USB Power supply for ADL140/150(B)/190/200
USB power supply for the ADL140, ADL150(B), ADL190 or ADL200. Please note the USB port will have to provide at least 2 Amps for proper operation.
90,- EUR + VAT

ADLRS232 - RS232 Combiner for ADL140/150(B)/190/200
The ADLRS232 allow combining of two 115200 baud and 9600 baud inputs for the ADL device. It also allows to run the input at 9600 baud while the RS232 output runs at 115200 baud.
90,- EUR + VAT

ADS-B Amplifier for ADL190/200
This small amplifier helps improving the ADS-B reception of the ADL190 and ADL200. The gain is really significant but please consult the latest ADL190 user manual for details. This amplifier is not made by us. We just resell it for your convenience if required and encourage you to buy it at the source:
Direct link to their shop: RTL-SDR Shop
Please note I do not get any commission on those links. I just recommend the product as it did perform very well in my tests.
40,- EUR + VAT

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