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ADLConnect for Iridium GO!
If you already own an Iridium GO! device or would like voice capability,
you can use our ADLConnect app with your Iridium GO! and download
satellite weather in flight weather.
ADLConnect for IridiumGO! license
Our special ADLConect for Iridium GO! license allows you to download ADL in flight weather using an Iridium GO! device instead of our own ADL devices.
Please note this is only the ADLConnect license. In addition you will have to buy an Iridium GO! device and Iridium GO! satellite airtime from a satellite phone store of your choice.

You get all the usual features of the ADLConnect app like radar, strikes, infrared etc. But in comparison to the ADL devices the downloaded corridor is nearly twice as wide (close to 350NM).
The ADLConnect app will manage the Iridium GO! satellite connection and firewall automatically. So all you do is request a download and the system will do the rest including redials if a connection breaks etc.
The unique feature of the ADLConnect Iridium GO! solution is its superior data compression. As the data is heavily compressed it can be transmitted in a matter of seconds over the slow Iridium link.

Comparison Iridium GO! vs. ADL Devices
Depending on where you buy the Iridium GO! device and airtime in general this solution will cost you about twice as much as using one of our ADL devices. This applies to the hardware purchase and more important also the monthly charges. Trip kits are not really available for the Iridium GO!.
This buys you first voice capability which we do not offer on the ADL devices. Second there are all you can use service plan available for the Iridium GO! Those are usually too expensive for private pilots but can be a great deal for airlines. Third ADLConnect can download more data over the Iridium GO! so you get a much wider corridor and better performance for long intercontinental routes etc.

Just to remind you, the prices below are just for the ADLConnect license. You will have to buy the device and airtime elsewhere.
One ADLConnect for IridiumGO! license can be used with only one Iridium GO! device but as many connected iPads as required.

290,- EUR + VAT / Year
ADLConnect for IrirdiumGO! - Private Pilots
(500 downloads per year, 1000NM maximum corridor length)

1190,- EUR + VAT / Year
ADLConnect for IrirdiumGO! - Airlines
(unlimited downloads, unlimited corridor length)

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