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1) Am I allowed to install the ADL110B and ADL120 in my aircraft?
For EASA registered aircraft the ADL110B and ADL120 can either be used as mobile devices or installed permanently. If a permanent installation is done you have to buy the appropriate EASA minor change.

For N-Reg aircraft the ADL110B and ADL120 must be installed in a way so it can be removed without the use of tools. This only applies to the device itself, cabling etc. is standard installation material and can be installed permanently.

2) How long does it take to install the ADL110B or ADL120?
The installation if very straight forward. As a minimum requirement the power supply and the antenna have to be connected. So the biggest part of the installation effort goes usually into removing and reinstallation of interior trim parts and depends on your aircraft. But as a general hit we have seen several installations being performed in one day.

3) What are my choices regarding the Iridium antenna?
Most pilots use the small Iridium glareshield antenna. It is placed below the windshield and works very well.
Installing an external Iridium antenna is possible but the installation can easily get more expensive than the ADL110B or ADL120 device itself. The advantage of the external antenna is very limited. So we do not recommend to install an external antenna but if you already have one installed you should use it for your ADL110B or ADL120
If you do not require the glareshiled antenne please deduct 50 EUR from the list prices for the ADL110B and ADL120.

4) Which airframes have special installation solutions?
Cirrus SR20 and SR22: We have a special solution which allows to fit the ADL120 into the center console without the use of any tools.

Cessna Mustang - C510: The aircraft usually comes with an external Iridium antenna fitted. We will supply a matching connector so you can use this antenna.

Cessna Citation Jet 4 - C525C: The special cockpit windows do not allow to use the glareshield antenna. You can either place the antenna in the passenger compartment or use an external antenna. The windows of the CJ - CJ3 are different so this only applies to the CJ4.

5) How do I subscribe to the the PC-Met service of Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD)?
We wrote a guide which helps you to subscribe for the PC-Met service. You can download it here

6) Is there a cable which charges the iPad and powers the ADL120 on a cigarette lighter?
Yes this cable is now the standard cable we deliver with the ADL120. If you need such a cable for existing devices please email us for details.

7) Is there an external screen for the ADL120?
Yes we manufacture an offset screen for the ADL120 much like the ADL110B. Please email us for details.

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