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Firmware Updates
To get the most of your ADL device we recommend you run the latest firmware.
Please make sure you also update your iPhone and iPhone app to guarantee compatibility
ADL110B, ADL120 and ADL130 Firmware Downloads

ADL110B, ADL120, ADL130 Firmware Update Manual v1.03

adl1xx_v8_00.t2u - Firmware file for ADL110B, ADL120 and ADL130 v8.00 (06.04.2018)

ADLUpdater.msi - ADL Updater for ADL110B, ADL120 and ADL130

ADL140, ADL150 Firmware Downloads

If your ADL140/150 has got firmware 7.10 or later installed you can upload the new firmware directly using the ADLconnect app. The update button is on the the "Config" page.

ADL140 ADL150 Firmware Update Manual v1.01

ADL140_150_200_Updater_v8_00.exe - Firmware update for ADL140 and ADL150 v8.00 (06.04.2018)

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