ADLConnect Authorizations / Permissions

Unfortunately there is a lot of confusion about the iOS authorizations and Android permissions requested by the ADLConnect app. So we hope this page helps to explain the details.

Before we get into the details, we make money selling and operating the ADL devices. Wew are not into the business of collecting or selling any of your data! ALl permissions are requested for the best possible operation of the system and user experience only.


iOS - Location access

Frist the app request the location access to display your airplane symbol on the map if no GPS data can be obtained from an ADL or Iridium GO device.

Second the app needs this authorization to read the details about the currently connected WiFi. This is crucial for the app to make a functional connection to your ADL device. Apple assumes that reading WiFi details could be used to narrow down your location and thus those features are linked in this non intuitive way.

Third the app will ask for the location always authorization. Again non intuitive ADLConnect does not care much about your location in the background, the data is actually discarded but this allows ADLConnect to run in the background while you switch to other apps in flight.
In the background ADLConnect can continue to monitor the ADL device and issue iOS notification if you receive SMS/text messages or weather downloads have been completed. Also when operating ADL110B, 120, 130 or Iridium GO devices this allows ADLConnect to run in the background and provide GDL90 weather data to ForeFlight and SkyDemon. In the future also notifications for traffic conflicts are planned. You guessed it, this will also require the always authorization.

Fourth ADLConnect will only continue to run in the background to accomplish those tasks while it is connected to an ADL or Iridium GO device. Once that connection is lost the access to the location data is stopped and the app will be sleeping.

Finally if you want to be sure, even tough there is no reason, ADLConnect no longer reads your location you can stop the ADLConnect app completely by sliding it out of the screen to the top. Apps which are completely stopped can no longer read your location data no matter the authorization settings.

iOS - Local network

Please note this authorization will only be listed for certain iOS versions. In other versions it is granted by default. ADLConnect needs access to your local network to communicate properly with ADL or Iridium Go devices over the local WiFi network.

iOS - Contacts

ADLConnect asks you for access to your contact details. This data is used only to translate phone numbers and email addresses to names and vice versa for the satellite messaging feature of the ADLConnect app. The data will not be stored permanently in the app or transmitted outside the app in any way. Also deactivating this authorization will have no side effects. You will simply see raw phone numbers displayed for the ADLConnect messaging.

iOS - Notifications

If you allow ADLConnect to send you notifications the app will send notifications when a new satellite message comes in and if a new ADL weather download has been completed. This is very usefull yo you do not miss those things when you are currently not using ADLConnect Those notifications will only work properly if you grant the location always authoriztaion as described above. When not connected to an ADL or Iridium Go device no notifications will be sent.

iOS - Mobile Data

When not connected to an ADL device, you can download free weather data over the Internet using the ADLConnect app. Therefore the app requires access to your mobile data connection. ADLConnect is very efficient regarding bandwidth use and will only actually download weather data if you tell the app to do so.


On Android devices the way the permissions are handled will depend on your Android version but I will try to give an overview. On olders device you can not allow or deny permissions but just install or delete the app. On later Android versions some permissions can be controled by the user.

Android - Contacts

This is the same as for iOS described above. This access is only used for the satellite messaging feature. We do not store, transmit or do any other bad things with your contact data.

Android - Location

Also on Android devices the location access is crucial and has many side effects. In comparison to iOS the "only while in use" setting is sufficient. But this permission and enabling location services all together in the Android settings is crucial so ADLConnect can read all the WiFi details and communicate properly with ADL devices.

Android - Read WiFi-Details

This permission will only be displayed on certain Android versions but it must be allowed so ADLConnect can comminicate properly with ADL devices over the local WiFi.

Android - General network access

This permission is also specific to certain Android versions. It must be allowed so ADLConnect can communicate with ADL devices and also when in Internet mode it can do free weather downloads on the ground over your regular Internet connection. As with the iOS version ADLConnect will use up only little amounts of your bandwidth. Also it will only actually donwload download weather data if you tell the app to do so.

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