EX5000 Integration

Can I display ADL satellite weather on my EX5000?

The EX5000 MFD as for example installed in the Cirrus SR20/22 is able to overlay radar data sourced from an ADL device. All ADL devices with the round connector are compatible, so ADL140, ADL150(B), ADL190 and ADL200.

Displaying traffic?

The EX5000 seems only able to display traffic from one source at a time. So if you have an active traffic system connected, the EX will displays this traffic and ignore all traffic the ADL device sends it. If no active traffic is connected it should be able to display the ADS-B traffic sourced from the ADL device.

EX5000 Software version 8.2.2 is required

But the biggest issue to check is the installed software version of the EX5000. Most MFD got delivered with software 8.1. or 8.1.1. This older software supports the connection to the Avidyne MLX770 weather devices but not an ADL device.

With the release of 8.2.2. the support for the MLX770 was removed and new support for FIS-B style weather was added. Those MFD can also read the data from an ADL device as it provides the same data format.

Please check with Avidyne but we heard the charge to update your EX5000 software is usually around 3000 Euro. This is a substantial amount, much more than the actual ADL device. Please take this into consideration to decide is you would like to look at the radar data only on your iPad or also in parallel on the EX5000 MFD.


This is a very personal choice, to simply avoid the weather the iPad is enough. You will also need the iPad for advanced features of the ADL device like sending text/SMS, looking at winds, temperatures, satellite data, METAR/TAF etc. as the EX5000 will only display the radar. Our recommendation is to go for the integration if you have the 8.2.2 version already installed but we would not buy it for 3000 EUR just for the radar overlay.

If you have the 8.2.2. software on your EX5000 MFD, you will need the additional ADLRS232 box (90 Euro before VAT) and a compatible ADL device ADL140, ADL150(B), ADL190 or ADL200. Your avionics show will have to make the wired RS232 connections between the ADL device and the MFD. For ADL150(B), ADL190 and ADL200 our EASA minor change covers this interconnect option.

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