Retrieve your ADL Device Serial Number

When signing up for an account we ask you about the serial number of the device. For portable devices this is usually easy as they are printed on the enclosure. The typical format will be #1234.

For installed devices it might not always be possible to look at the enclosure so you can use the procedure below.
  • Install the ADLConnect app
  • Sign up for a free temporary account so you can use the ADLConnect app. Thhis account will be deleted later once we create your real account.
  • Power up the ADL device
  • Connect to the ADLConnect WiFi using your iPhone/iPad
  • Open the ADLconnect app and switch to the CONFIG page (bottom right corner)
  • Scroll all the way down and copy the values indicated in the line "IMEI"
  • Send us the serial number or IMEI indicated there and we can identify your device

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