ADL200 Phase Out

We decided to no longer produce our popular ADL200 and concentrate on the ADL190. Here we would like to explain why we think this is the best choice:

1) 5G Transition

The cellular module of the ADL200 supports only 2G, 3G and 4G. With the introduction of 5G it will not be able to communicate with all base station any more, thus reducing potential coverage step by step. So a redesign and recertification for 5G would be required.

2) Parts supply

Supply of 4G modules is running out. We would have to order a new larger batch of those obsolete parts, which we decided would not be wise to do.

3) iOS Changes allowing simultaneous WiFi and cellular connections

In the past iOS would not allow an app to use the cellular connection via the SIM card of the iPad or iPhone while connected to a WiFi. This meant that the ADL device required a cellular connection to allow simultaneous satellite and cellular connections.

Now this changed and with the right connection the ADLConnect app is able to download weather using the SIM card of the iOS device even when connected to the ADL device WiFi.

4) Recovering additional cost of cellular hardware

The ADL200 hardware was 300 Euro before tax more expensive than an ADL190. This means to break even financially, the ADL200 would have to save 300 Euro in satellite charges compared to an ADL190. With 20 downloads per month included in the continuous serivce plan, it is impossible to even make good a single Euro unless the monthly allowed is exceeded. Nearly all customers get along with those 20 downloads and as a result never break even. Those few exceeding the included download volume only do so occasionally and at 0,99 Euro per download before VAT would have to save over 300 downloads using cellular which in our experience is extremely rare.

5) ADL190 FIS-B Feature

Through some clever reprogramming we did managed to enable the FIS-B weather data interface to many Garmin systems using a normal ADL190. This is not possible with the ADL200 and an additonal quite expensive ADLS1G box is required in those cases.


So the ADL190 is less expensive and many of the cellular benefits of the ADL200 can now be handled directly by the iPad or iPhone. Those devices now also come as 5G versions while the ADL200 is 4G only. So we recommand all customers thinking about an ADL200 to actually get an ADL190.

August 2023

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