Interconnect - Skydemon

Weather and ADS-B Traffic

SkyDemon is able to display the radar, METAR/TAF and ADS-B traffic information received from the current ADL devices. The compatible devices are ADL140/150(B)/170/180/190/200. The legacy devices also support the integration but please have a look at the documentation for the details.

Before SkyDemon will start displaying the data you have to go to the settings and enable the "GDL90 compatible devices"" switch. Then when pressing ""Go Flying" you can select the GDL90 as the data source. SkyDemon should start to pick up and display the data from the ADL device.

Copying Flight Plans

Copying the active flight plan from ADLConnect to SkyDemon is straight forward. Select any waypoint in the flight plan list and then select the SkyDemon button. The app will open and display the copied flight plan. In the other direction just open the Route menu, go to Share and select ADLConnect from the list of compatible apps.

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