Measuring WiFi Signal Strength / RSSI

In case you experience some WiFi related connection issues in soem situations it will be helpfull to measure the signal strength of the WiFi. This article explains one way to do this using an iOS device.

A good way to visalize the WiFi signal strength measured by an iOS device is to install the free of charge app "AirPort Utility" from the Apple app store as shown below.

Once you have the AirPort Utility app install start it, then press the "Wi-Fi Scan" button at the top right corner. Then press the "Scan" button at the top right corner of the white window and wait a little for the results to show. After a while you should see a list of the WiFi networks in reach and below the name you will see a value called "RSSI". That is the signal strength as measured by the iOs device. This value will alway be nagative but the higher (so closer to 0) the value, the stronger the signal and vice versa.

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